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Homeless Assistance Program

The Peoples Catholic Church Inc.

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Welcome! To the new voice for the homeless and those about to be homeless in Broward County.

Again we say WELCOME! Please take a moment, sit down and relax. That's good, clear your mind. Once you have done that please read further...

Many people in this world need assistance in one way or the other. Loss of a job, fire, death in the family or devastating natural disaster or addiction. What ever your need is we are here to help and we have many assistance programs to meed the needs of our community.

The first is the Rent and Mortgage assistance program.

This program if certain criteria is met, we will offer rent or mortgage assistance. The maximum amount per person per year is $500.00. This means you may only get help once a year from our HAP program for your rent or mortgage assistance. We will gladly refer you to a neighboring agency if there is a remaining balance.

The second is the Housing Program.

Yes that is correct, Housing! In this part of the program Homeless upon intake and meeting the criteria for the program, will be placed on one of our partner motel's who are in the program. During that time they will receive job placement and or training from Workforce South Florida. They will also receive budget assistance, food and clothing assistance. Applicants in the program will apply for Food Stamps and Medicare and start the road to self sufficiency. Upon graduation of the program, they will be granted housing, YES! HOUSING! The housing will be either an efficiency, apartment, or home that is for rent and within the person's means. Families will receive the same assistance as well.

The third program is the Food and Clothing program.

In this program, we provide people and families with food and clothes that they could not normally afford due to the rising cost of living. There are no requirements for the clothing assistance. Requirements for the Food Assistance is based upon need at time of application.

All assistance applications are handled on the main page. Just click on the Sign My Guestbook and sign up. You may also register for our parish if you choose at the same time for your convenience.

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